Tuck End Auto Bottom

Tuck End Auto Bottom boxes are pre-glued and can be folded down in to flat shape with easy to re-assemble mechanism. Their rigid and sturdy built helps them to house heavy products for shipping purposes. Easy to assemble boxes with a bottom lock with tucked in flap provides more security and safety to the enclosed products.


Tuck end auto bottom packaging boxes are manufactured with rigid materials and each unit comes with a pre-glued bottom for easy assembly, which can also be done by hand. The base of these auto bottom tuck end packaging boxes can be easily folded into a flat shape. Our custom tuck end auto bottom box packaging can be shipped flat during transport to ensure each remains in pristine condition and to reduce packaging volume. The boxes come with either shore locks or a friction fit to ensure each can be sealed seamlessly once assembled. The friction position is capable of holding the top flap in place once it is inserted. They offer a very convenient and secure packaging solution, also you can avail additional add-ons on bulk orders such as free shipping, free cutting etc.