Triangular Tray Lid

Triangular Tray Lids from Air Max Boxes have a triangular shape tray and a simple yet functional lid on top. These Triangular Tray Lid boxes fulfill promises to handle the enclosed products with care. Coming with a self-lock feature and a sturdy bottom tray, it will reduce the chances of any damage to your products. These boxes are personalized on products or brand’s requirements with elegant printed designs and different surface finish options.


These Triangular tray Lid boxes are very unique high-quality custom printed tray and lid that will best assist you when it comes to the packaging of fancy products or fragile prepared food products. Air Max Boxes is able to provide you these uniquely designed Triangular Tray Lid boxes that are used especially for the comfort of carrying your delicate items or food products in a customary and portable way. With easy-to-clip friction locks, these tray boxes use simple glues and are perfect for retail products that suit their triangular shapes.

We use the highest quality most durable materials for our Triangular Tray Lid packaging boxes making them ideal for your expensive and fancy products or delicate food products etc. The sealed products in a triangular tray and with lid box is surely your best option to carry your goodness along with you. The perfection of these boxes lies within the creativity that is put into it. Each box can be designed according to your desires that best suits your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Available with easy assembling mechanism and the functionality of these boxes, Air Max Boxes promises you won’t find a box better than this. If you are a vendor selling fancy or decorative items; cosmetics, foods, jewelry or technology items and super protective triangle shaped tray packaging at lowest wholesale prices is what you are looking for, you are at the right place. Bulk packaging add-ons are also available at Air Max Boxes for our clients such as free shipping, free cutting die and free printing plates equipment as well.