Tray and Sleeve Box

Sleeve boxes are used to glamorize the packaging of many kinds of products. They embellish the enclosed products and makes it possible to attract more customers in order to increase the sales. The inner can cater many kinds of products coming from different industries like fashion, cosmetic, gift items and ornaments or even the most expensive jewelry items.


The side walls of these sleeve boxes are empty from the middle, apart from this the bottom or inside tray in these Tray and sleeve Boxes are made from double thick materials that not only provides extra durability but also it provides all the space you require for your products with different customizations to be stored in them. We, at Air Max Boxes offer on-demand inner superstations with precisely built compartments having equal durability for customized products that are packaged with different layers or ingredients without mixing them. The top sleeves for our boxes are made from very strong and rigid materials as well that enhance the large space available inside.


Tray and sleeve Box are used for a diverse kind of purposes which consists of the packing of CD cases, candies, toys jewelry etc. They can also be used for small startup businesses, which adds a versatile type of brand promotion. Windows can also be added in our Tray and sleeve boxes, if required. This helps viewing the product or you can have the enclosed product’s picture printed on them.