Straight Tuck End

Straight Tuck End boxes have 3 folds at both of the ends. The customer can open either of the two sides very conveniently. Both of the ends consists of friction locks that can manage to hold many differently sized things. These boxes will be a better option for your products as it is void of any raw edges on the front.


The shape of the Straight Tuck End boxes allow it to fit with other boxes as they are one of the simplest and intrinsic type of packaging solutions that we provide to our clients. These boxes comes with easy to use mechanism; both sides with easy-to-open folds, this box can allow the adequate amount of support to the products that are small to medium size. Straight tuck end packaging boxes are ideal for the packaging of products that demand a protective packaging Folds closing at the back the fine edges at both ends of the front are covered up and hidden off efficiently.

The standard straight tuck also avoids and diminishes the proximity of any objection between the window panel and the tuck which may come into existence if a reverse tuck style is to be applied on the box. These type of packaging boxes can be assembled both manually and with the help of packaging machinery. They are simple to assemble and time saving. They are suitable for packaging heavier items as well and they can be availed in a number of customized shape and sizes.