Six Panel CD Jacket

If you want to place more than one CD in the CD jacket then Six Panel CD Jacket packaging made by Customize Boxes is the most ideal packaging solution. They prove to be very functional and vital in securing your important data such as software, demonstration, movies, and others.


This packaging is made of the finest and durable materials to provide perfection to your CD packaging. The panels provide enough security to prevent the disc from getting any scratches, as they have very valuable and important data in them. Our designing experts give their best to provide top quality and uniquely designed CD Jackets. These jackets have a smooth inner lining that prevents scratches. The CD doesn’t get bent even under some of the heavy pressures. These jackets also ensure the long life of your discs. The material thickness can be verified upon request. We keep the unit pricing to the minimum and provide the best offers in town. We deliver these CD jackets to your doorsteps on cheapest and wholesale rates. Free shipping all over the U.S.