Side Lock Tuck Top Display Box

With strong structure and attractive display features, Side Lock Tuck Top Display Boxes are ideal for retail products such as cosmetics, food and gift items. These boxes come with double layered side panels that lock in the bottom panel and keep items safe from slipping out of the box due to any mishandling. The panel on the top can be folded in half that can be customized according to the desires of our clients so you can use the box as a display panel of you wish. This two in one function is one of the reasons why our custom side lock tuck top display box packaging has proven so successful for all kind of medium sized retail products. The bottom of these boxes is rigid and the top opens like a treasure chest for a truly delightful unpacking experience.

Air Max Boxes provides best customizable retail boxes at that is the most affordable packaging solution for our clients. Our services come with outstanding bulk offers including free shipping, free cutting, and free printing equipment.


Custom size side lock tuck top display boxes are the perfect and secure boxes from Wholesale Product Boxes with side panels that need no glue to lock in the products. The side lock cutouts lock the bottom and sides in place while the tuck top display feature has an extended back plate and an open from the top mouth. The side lock tuck of these boxes makes them the most secure showcases ready options in the retail industry.