Self-Locked Counter Display Tray

Self-Locked Counter Display Tray Boxes are particularly used for displaying a pile of items that need extra support. The self-locking feature and the customizable back plate stands tall up supporting tall kind of tall objects. They provide ultimate support to the enclosed items due their rigid material and non-bendable nature.


Self-Locked Counter Display Tray boxes provide you the best solutions if you are a retail store, supermarket or any other business that offers quick sell items on the counter to your customers. Your counter displays have never been served better with small sweet treats chocolates, candies, and several other items than what the perfectly customized Self-Locked Counter Display Tray packaging from.

Reliable Material and Self-lock Mechanism

Air Max Boxes makes sure to use high-quality and non-bendable materials for the manufacturing of these boxes that keep our Self-Locked Counter Display Tray boxes long lasting. Get plenty of customizations with the ultimate guarantee of a reliable self-locking system that will support even heavier items efficiently. With malleable nature, theses boxes are delivered flat and very easy to assemble into structured form and then fold back flat again when required, these Self-Locked Counter Display Tray boxes once put into their original shapes, will keep displaying your quick-sell products for a very long time indeed.

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