Seal End With Tear Open

Seal End With Tear Open are different from regular seal end boxes as they have a tear open mechanism on one of the top closure panel. Customers will tear open the top placed zipper to get the products out of the box. Several customization options and sturdy, durable materials along with custom surface finishes are available at The Custom Packaging.


Air Max Boxes is famous for their endless customized features that they offer to their clients. We provide complete design support and have no issues with your required sizing and styling. Our material stock is eco-friendly and durable. The basic purpose of these boxes is to provide ultimate safety to the enclosed products. People would like to buy that packaging which is seal end with tear opening as the effortless opening and their stylish looks becomes favorite among people. As these wrapping ideas provide the best marketing of the product. The tear open mechanism makes these boxes the most functional and will guarantee the safest shipping, and the durable materials will keep your expensive and fancy products such as jewelry, technology or decorative items safely packaged inside.

Why Choose Us?

Air Max Boxes is providing some additional finishing touches for these boxes in which we embellish them with additional cut out, embossing, debossing, stamping, and many others. Our high-quality boxes that are offered at affordable wholesale prices along with attractive add-ons like free delivery, free printing, and free cutting equipment on large orders