Seal End With Tear Open and Lock

Seal End with Tear Open and Lock are even more functional and reliable than the regular seal end boxes. Custom sealed end with the tear open and lock boxes are the latest kind of packaging idea. It works as well for retailers as for wholesalers. Along with the zipper, these boxes have additional lock side securing the enclosed products efficiently. The fine material and easy to open mechanism of these boxes makes storage of products much easier for both retailers and wholesalers.


The sturdiness in these boxes is the main power that we provide to our clients so they put their any item fearlessly in our reliable and durable Seal End with Tear Open and Lock. You can make your packaging boxes fully personalized with your own logo, product description and brand’s message with our awesome wide range of available printing options. You can pick any style, design, or graphic texture to make your boxes stand out from the crowd. Our every service is available to increase the face value and demand for your product.

Why Choose Us?

With all the experienced that we have gained in the packaging industry we have been able to give comfort to people. Keeping in mind the modern era’s packaging demands Air Max Boxes is evaluating more and more ideal packaging solution to combat with the market. When you order bulk packaging, we also deliver it to your doorsteps fast and free and don’t add any costs for the printing or cutting equipment as well.