Reverse Tuck End

Reverse Tuck End Boxes have are rectangular shaped, tuck end flap boxes that use friction lock system manufactured from high-quality materials in the required cardstock types and are provided with many unique customizations perfect for brand promotion as well. The strength of these boxes makes them ideal for storage of many retail-ready products such as grocery, cosmetics, food or bakery items etc.


Air Max Boxes utilizes some of the most advanced equipment for the manufacturing of one of the simplest yet most functional types of packaging boxes for many retail or storage products from cosmetics, technology, prepared dry foods and other grocery items. Embellished with a variety of different printing designs and surface finishes including bux board, cardboard or eco-friendly Kraft paper options that cut and print them in highest detail fine quality making them most suitable for your particular products. These boxes are lightweight and compact and are delivered flat with the easiest put-in-position techniques done by hand taking the least amount of time and effort yet the durable materials we use for manufacturing these boxes are perfect for your retail or storage products enhancing their life through protective packaging. We also offer free shipping, free printing plates and free cutting die equipment on your large bulk orders.