Reverse Tuck End with Lock

Reverse Tuck End with Lock boxes are a perfect solution for the products that need extra protection. These Reverse Tuck End with lock Boxes, have a precise cutout lock on the top covering that tucks into the lid providing extra safety to the enclosed products. Air Max Boxes manufacture these boxes with the most reliable packaging options with their sturdy and non-bendable materials and perfect customization through printing and designing


Reverse Tuck End with Lock boxes are one of the most functional and one step ahead to the customary reverse tuck end packaging boxes offering much more safety than usual friction locks with their precisely cut lock cutout on the top opening sides.

Customized Designs with Reliable Locks

Air Max Boxes make sure to use high-quality rigid and non-bendable materials for our Reverse Tuck End with Lock packaging that ensures the highest level of protection for your enclosed products in these boxes. The precisely cut die-cut top locking cutouts keep your products protected in them as long as required when closed with the locking flaps. You can choose from a variety of surface finish options available, with full range of design support from our experienced staff.

Why Choose Us?

We provide best affordable rates for highest quality packaging boxes ready for retail, shipping or storage with the aim to boost the sales of our client’s business and gaining customer loyalty with high-quality packaging. We will provide free shipping on your bulk orders along with cutting die equipment making enhancing the value of your products in the cheapest way.