Regular Six Corner

These Regular Six Corner boxes are shipped flat to the clients but are easy to assemble no special skills are needed to assemble them. With a movable top cover, they are mostly used for food items but convenient for many other kinds of products. These boxes can be used for sale purposes as well as for storing the items.

The Regular Six Corner boxes are specially made to cater to the needs of a big number of retailers making them convenient for various products. They are very easy to handle and assemble. The reconstruction of these boxes does not require any technical procedure or professional assistance since they are already glued from the required sides and areas. Their reconstruction is just like folding them up to their original shape and structure. Their size depends upon the requirements of your products. You can have them in simple white colors or any other available colors that you can choose from. The best in packaging companies known as Customize Boxes offers you several customization and die-cut printing options and the most affordable wholesale rates offered in the market. The six corner boxes can be printed in several different ways to attract people, Customize Boxes provides you with the facility of offset printing, digital, and 3D printing.