Punch Partition

Punch Partition boxes come along with the ultimate feature of having a number of partitions on the top which is ideal for the fragile products that need to be separated from each other. Many delicate products have a high risk to get damaged during handling where punch partition boxes provide the best solution to make sure that the product is safely shipped and delivered.

Customize Boxes have some of the most advanced high-tech and reliable Punch Partition Boxes that ensure supreme product safety during the hectic process of shipping, handling, stocking and displaying. Punch partitions are just to name one of such safety gadgets in which the partitions are in the form of a tray, and the size and shape of the product that is to be preserved within them is punched out in the tray. These boxes make transportation and handling of fragile, delicate and glass items, tension and hassle-free. The inner die-cut can be used in different styles according to your product shape. Punch-outs are of the exact shape of the product that is to be packaged in the box so that they are able to hold the product steady and unmoved inside of them. These type of partition are most commonly found in the boxes of crockery and decorative item.