Pop Counter Display Tray

Pop Counter Display Tray boxes are ideal for attracting consumers through their elegant look. Wholesale Product Boxes offer remarkable customizations for these boxes including different cardstock materials, printing and surface finishes or die cut sizes and shapes. On client’s request, these can be delivered in already assembled shapes in all sizes including the largest ones required for multiple products display ready for showcasing and exhibit purposes. The sturdy material used in the manufacturing of these boxes and durable cardstock makes them well adaptive with heavy items. It’s interesting to note that these boxes are very appealing yet do not cost much amount. Wholesale Pop Counter Display Tray boxes have the advantage of being inexpensive, durable and leak-proof as long as it is kept upright.


These Pop Counter Display Tray boxes are one of the most functional retail boxes in our line of showcase exhibit boxes. They have an extended back that adds to the visual appeal of the boxes. The box is ideal for displaying products from different industries at events or exhibitions where any promotional activity is intended. The black plate of these boxes can be customized with elite designs along with the printing of company’s name, logo and products’ description.