Perforated Dispenser Box

Perforated Dispenser Boxes are ideal for counter top display items. Due to the uniqueness in the design of these boxes, they can support many kinds of products that need to be displayed on counter tops. The Custom Packaging ensures the safety of your products by making these Dispenser Boxes with the sturdiest cardboard material.


Wholesale Product Boxes has acquired some of the most advance techniques to manufacture these Perforated Dispenser Boxes. Our vast experience in the packaging industry allows us to create some of the most eye-catching designs with unique customization options including various beautiful surface finishes such as, UV-spot, high gloss or elegant matte. The perforated dispenser window at the bottom of the box is cutout with the high tech die cutting equipment and the durable materials we use to make sure to keep your products safe and making them store as long as required

Why Choose Us?

These boxes are very ideal for all kinds of retail stores and supermarkets selling small to medium sized products from their counter tops, our cheapest yet highest quality perforated dispenser boxes customized to perfection with unique printing, color combinations or material choices to suit your specific products. We, at Air Max Boxes are keen to provide business growth for our clients through lowest prices and attractive offers such as free shipping, free printing, and free cutting equipment.