Panel Hanger Snap Lock Bottom

These Panel Hanger with Snap Lock bottom, as their name suggests, comes along with a back wall panel and a snap lock at the bottom. These two features make these boxes very functional when the products such as cosmetics, toys, gifts and other decorative items are need to be hanged in the market place. We make sure that high-end sturdy material provide your fragile products ample protection and the full range of customization with silk inserts as well.


Air Max Boxes has the most up-to-dated technology and adequate equipment that makes us able to deliver some of the most precise, attractive and durable Panel Hanger Snap Lock Bottom packaging boxes. Available in various designs and customize sizes you can choose the one that best suits your product and brand. With our first class cutting die equipment, we ensure that all the sizes and dimensions are correct, along with accurate cutouts for hanger tops and reliable friction locks. Unique and modish customization including various surface finish options will make your products grab all the attention from your potential customers they need to sell better boosting your business. The durable, high-quality materials that we use makes these boxes long lasting.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for high-quality snap lock bottom boxes with hanging tops at affordable rates with attractive large orders add-ons such as free shipping, free printing and cutting then The Custom Boxes is your perfect choice. We make all our efforts to make the most attractive snap lock boxes helping our clients to boost their business.