Hexagon Boxes are one of the most functional type of boxes provided by Air Max Boxes. These boxes have extra bit of space, making them suitable for different kinds of products even the products with less ordinary dimensions. Hexagon boxes play an important role in promoting your company and products they are considered as the best packaging option for advertising your products.


Indifferent to Regular Square or rectangle shaped boxes, our custom hexagon boxes have 6 sides having different depths as per the product requirement. Due to this, they have that much space in them when enclosing products with custom sizes or dimensions. Air Max Boxes has experienced industry experts who better know the market and will give you suggestions for your product’s packaging to make it stand out in the market among other products. We offer aqueous coating along with silver and gold foiling for embellishing your hexagon boxes with unique and amazing finishing look that will increase the demand for your product.


These hexagon boxes are just perfect for the products that do not have ordinary dimensions such as wrist watches, bakery products, tech products etc. The extra bit of space that is given to them due to their 6 sides makes the uneven products rest in these boxes easily. These boxes ensure the safety of the enclosed products as well. You can deliver these boxes without any worry as their rigid built will protect the item inside the box.