Hexagon 2 PC

Hexagon 2 PC Boxes have a very attractive and eye-catching design. Unlike regular four sided boxes, they have six sides and a separate opening cover that is non-glued. This feature makes them ideal for displaying many fancy products on retail shelves such as jewelry, cosmetics or sweet treats such as chocolates, cupcakes or candies etc.


The Hexagon 2 PC boxes by Air Max Boxes is manufactured with accurate die-cut shape that finish them flat and ready to assemble. They have machine-made folding lines delivered flat in shape that makes them much easier to store requiring much less space than an already assembled box would. They are not only convenient to deliver but also easy to assemble once delivered. All you have to do is press in on the sides of both the bottom part and the closing lid to stand the box up in its original shape, and their auto closure mechanisms will get them ready for use in no time.


Air Max Boxes have some of the most up-to-date printing equipment that add elegant, unique printed designs to our hexagon die-cut boxes. Top quality inks guarantee longest lasting printed designs along with all their grace. By using top-quality materials and finest printing equipment, we guarantee some of the most attractive, catchy and smooth finishes for our hexagon 2 PC boxes.