Header Card

Air Max Boxes provides its client with the most innovative type of packaging style. These Header Cards are usually displayed on the top of the boxes delivering the intended information. A die cut tab let the Header Card to be easily displayed on the bags. A creasing in the middle allowing the bag to fit within it and stapled. We can customized these header cards as per your requirements.


Header Cards are one of the most handy and easy to assemble gadget that assist you in turning ordinary boxes into a perfect display items. It not only distinguish the box but the products inside them but also the items that relates to promotional offers. These Header Cards or display cards are very convenient to use as they have a creasing in the middle that allows them to fit within the box and stapled. We are also offering remarkable printing options for these cards, you can have them in any size and shape as per your requirements. We also offer free shipping and die cut printing options on large orders.