Hanger Product Holder

Our custom printed Hanger Product Holders consists of a versatile range of designs that are perfect for short run packaging and a great way to showcase your retail-ready products in an attractive way. Due to their visual appeal and elegant finish, these product holders are used widely for advertising brand messages and promotion of newly launched products. Wholesale Product Boxes makes use of high-end cardstock materials in many different available thickness grades. We also provide different surface finish options such as spot UV, posh gloss or elegant matte options and brand printing options such as, embossing, debossing, gold/silver foil stamping or raised in printing. We use high quality advanced offset printing for all the printed designs of unmatched proportion.


These Hanger Product Holders are widely used in super stores and markets for POS (Point of sales) displays. These boxes features a hanging panel with a punch hole making them an attractive packaging solution for various electronic products such as mobile phones. Hanger Product Holders have a flat back plate that has a cutout hole in it along with a pre attached required size box from the same material plate without requiring any glues or adhesives enhancing the durability of the box.