Gable Box Auto Bottom

Just like the other packaging boxes these boxes are used widely by many companies all over the world to ensure the safety of the products and to store them properly during the transportation. They come with a durable top handle assisting in carrying around the box. The auto bottom makes them that much more convenient to store and use by easy folding into a flat formation and even easier pulling back to the original supposed shape when required.


Whether you are a retail seller or an individual who want to present a gift to someone, gable boxes with Auto Bottom are a perfect choice. They protect gift items from being ruined and make them look more alluring. Apart from the gifts, you can pack chocolates, candies, cupcakes, candles and many other eating items in them. Being a retailer you will always want to make your product distinguish from the others; for this, we, at Air Max Boxes can add a personal touch to these gable boxes and make them stand out in the market by having them customized with your business information, logo or graphics.

If you are a product manufacturer or a retailer dealing in diverse product industries and are looking for the most customized Gable Boxes Auto Bottom at cheapest wholesale prices along with free shipping on bulk orders.