Gable Bag Bottom Hanger

Gable Bag Bottom Hanger packaging have many benefits including the top hanger making them easy to carry around just like a bag. Die-cut windows on these boxes also help to increase product’s visibility and also enable customers to make their decision faster. The special purpose Gable Bag Bottom Hanger packaging is all about precise die-cut designs and accurate sizes providing adequate safety to the enclosed products. The bottom and side cutouts keep them hanging in their place tightly without letting them move around. We are also offering many customization options in terms of materials, surface finishes and printed designs or brand and product logos and names. Choose the combination that suits you best in order to get the most out of your packaging. Available at Air Max Boxes, these boxes come with added wholesale offers like free shipping, free cutting die, and free printing plate equipment as well.


Gable Bag Bottom Hanger boxes are unique and functional that allures the customers in the first sight. These boxes not only help to store products in a uniquely, but they also create room for other products to be displayed on the shelves. Gable Bag Bottom Hanger comes with the most advantageous feature of backside oriented hanging that makes them one of the most ideal bag for small to medium size products.