Four Corner with Display Lid

Four Corner with Display Lid boxes consist of a display lid that is efficient for showcasing them on retail shelves. If you really want to allure your targeted customers by exhibiting the creativity of your packaging, we can give a top window as well. All depends upon you, what size and which kind of customization do you want for your Four Corner Cake Box. These boxes come with built in support cushions for the cakes which do not allow the product packaged inside of them to move about freely and thus get damaged.  We have up-to-date design and prints available and can do the job for you as you desire. You can avail numerous add-ons like free shipping, free printing if the order is in bulk.


These Four Corner Boxes with Display lid can be used for a number of retail-ready products but ideal for the transportation and storing delicate products that need extra safety. These boxes have a special built that limit the movement of the enclosed item. The boxes are usually delivered in a flat shape but can be re-converted into their original structure easily.