Four Corner Tray

Four corner trays are very functional for retail shelves and can be used in for the packaging of many kinds of products. Provided by Air Max Boxes, these boxes have the ability to be folded in flat shape and can be reassembled within no time. They provide highest level of safety and perfect when shipped. Each corner of this tray has the ability to be folded down inward at ease.


Four corner tray boxes are also known as beer tray boxes due to their built. They are designed in a very simple way which is extremely useful along with all of their simplicity. These boxes are normally utilized for the packaging of light weight products such as bakery item, tech products, medicines or cosmetics.

Four corner tray boxes are shipped out flat since they are very convenient to dismantle and re-assemble, their assembling does not require any particular technique or professional assistance. These boxes provide ideal and most convenient packaging to the products.