Flower Shaped Top Closure

If you’re looking for a durable and attractive packaging solution to enhance your brand’s popularity then, these Flower Shaped Top Closure boxing solutions is your best choice. These boxes are ideal for fancy and expensive items that needs safety as well as an attractive packaging that adds to their value. Wholesale Product Boxes is known to have unique designs, customizations and printing options. The Flower shaped top closure product boxes contains a tuck end bottom that can house lightweight products safely within the confines. The elegant flower like top closure does require an additional string sealing, but it will be worth the spectacular way it looks in the end. You can avail our free shipping, free cutting die, and free printing plate equipment when you order bulk packaging from us.


Flower top closure boxes are customizable according to the product’s requirement. The flower shaped lid increases product’s visibility. They are ideal for beauty, medical and retail products and can be assembled by hand with ease. They are one of the fanciest boxes available in our line of top closure boxes. The grace of these boxes make them ideal for fancier items like gifts and different decorative items.