Flip Out Open Dispenser Box

Flip out Dispenser Box are one of the most functional type of dispenser boxes, as they have a flip out option at the bottom which is beneficial for many types of products. They have secured dispensing cutout that is flipped out and facing upward keeping your products limited to the box dimensions without letting them spill out at all. These boxes are very beneficial as you can enclose a stack of items in them very conveniently.


Flip out Open Dispenser Box are very convenient when it comes to store a stack of retail products on countertops or shelves. They are made from high-quality rigid materials that are customizable to whatever required printed and box designs along with a variety of surface finish options as well. Die Cut Dispense Cutouts and Beautiful Box Embellishments:

Air Max Boxes is one of the most experienced packaging company that has gained incomparable market skills to package and promote your brand efficiently.  We provide our clients with the best services with our up-to-date die-cut Custom Flip out Dispenser Box packaging. Our advanced printing techniques helps us produce some of the most precise with right bottom placed dispenser cutouts that helps you sliding the products much more easy. The open top of these individual boxes provides plenty of room for all your small to medium-sized products to slide into place accurately.

Choose from a variety of cardstock options and get lowest wholesale prices along with free shipping, free cutting die, and free printing plate equipment on large bulk orders.