Five Panel Hanger

Five Panel Hanger boxes comes in various customizations available at Air Max Boxes. These boxes are ideal for promotion and awareness of any specific product due to their hanging capability. If you are using these boxes for any kind of products you can highlight them from far place in a retail market. Five Panel Hanger boxes would turn out to be the perfect packaging solution for your technology products, gifts items or any kind of decorative items. The extended flap on their top makes them convenient to hang these boxes on any wall or board. Thus making the product packaged inside of the box eminent and visible from far in the market.

Air Max Boxes can manufacture these boxes in both auto lock or tuck end style since the basic design does not have any effect on their hanging capability. Both these styles suit the box since they allow adequate support to the enclosed product. To enhance the basic utility of these boxes, that is, to amplify the display of a product in the market, a die cut window front can be ideally added to them. You can also avail free shipping, free printing and die-cutting if the order is in bulk.


Five Panel Hanger Boxes are one of the most functional and useful boxes in our line of boxes. They provide the products a visual appeal when they are displayed in different retail stores and supermarkets. They come with a top hanging tab making them convenient for hanging at any place. A precisely cut die cut window can also be used at the front side letting the customers to have a look of the product inside.