Easel Display Stand

Air Max Boxes takes pride in providing you the most useful and handy Easel Display stands to excel in sales point of view. We ensure our clients about the durability of these customizable Easel Display Stand. We use highest quality materials that are die cut on state of the art cutting die equipment ensuring precise designs and product removal or leaflet displaying cutouts. You can get these display stands in your desired shape, design and color in accordance with the product. The precise locking cutouts at the back of these can lock in place holding them in a straight up position and the attractive accurate brand or product printed information advertises them most efficiently.

Why Choose Us?

Air Max Boxes fulfills the needs of all many different products and manufacturing brands practically from any product industries with our highest quality Custom Easel Display Stands. Boost your most significant brands from you POP areas to avail our free shipping with free cutting die and free printing plates equipment on large wholesale orders.


These Easel Counter Display stands are the best solution to all of your counter display items. These are much convenient with the small products such as bubble gums, chocolates, candies or other similar products. Customizable in their style including product storage, dispensing and message carriers, these are durable, attractive and presents your products in the most alluring way.