Easel Counter Display

Easel Counter display stands are perfect for imposing an impactful impression on buyers. It is very important for brands and products to advertise themselves. These display stands are helpful in increasing your reputation as well as sale. You can display your products’ information and attract customers’ attention to increase your sales. They can rest on your counters occupying minimum space. Air Max Boxes provide highest quality Easel displays made from rigid non-bendable materials with a supportive snib at their backside that allows them to stall tall displays, whatever brand or product information printed on them. You can take your countertop advertising to the next level by personalizing your custom easel counter display units with your brand’s logo and colors. That is how your target consumers will be attracted to the product that you are displaying regardless of the crowd at that marketing campaign.

Why Choose Us?

If you want the most attractive and durable yet cheapest Wholesale Easel Counter Display pieces for any kind of products’ advertisement and promotion you sell in the market or retail store, Air Max Boxes is the perfect choice for you. We deliver highest quality features at cheapest prices and attractive wholesale offers such as free shipping, free printing plates, and free cutting die equipment as well.


Easel Counter Display units are very convenient for customers to get information about any special kind of offers or upcoming products without disturbing anyone. These display units are very useful utility for every kind of retail business. It provides the opportunity to the sellers to enhance the reputation of their business as well as the sales. They are highly customizable and comes with a supporting latch at the back which allows them to display any kind of tall advertisement piece.