Double Wall Tuck Top

Double Wall Tuck Top boxes are the best choice for storage and displaying of heavy items as well as promoting the product’s brand directly from the shelves. The lower tray and the upper lid of these boxes are not glued. The top tray is extended into three equal lock flaps that efficiently get folded and tucked in right till the base of the lower tray to ensure efficient locking of the box. Double wall tuck top boxes are considered to be an ideal packaging solution for products that demand secure packaging top and sides and yet be safe and preserving enough to protect them against any damages and harms that might get caused during the mishandlings, stacking and displaying of the products. Air Max Boxes is also providing free shipping offers along with free printing on large bulk orders.


Double wall tuck top boxes are basically used for retail purposes for the products that are ready for showcase. They come with a non-glued top lid and three tuck flaps are also included on the lid that can be folded down forming a supportive back wall of the box enhancing the security of the products within them.