Double Wall Tuck Front

These Double Wall Tuck Front boxes comes with a front panel that is extended with two cherry lock at both ends which ensures the better safety for the enclosed products. These boxes are most beneficial with additional dust flaps and cherry locks. The double wall feature is ideal for heavy products.


Customize Boxes make these Double wall tuck front boxes are with the application of latest state of the art crafting techniques, they come with dust flaps and cherry locks which gives them extra strength and enhance their durability. The front panel of these boxes is extended and two cherry locks are provided at both its sides so that they lock into a perfect front tuck, thus making your product perfectly safe and secured inside the box. These boxes are not only used just for a particular product or item but having a lot of structural benefits they are considered to be most suitable and appropriate packaging solution for heavy items. They can be customized in all shapes and sizes and can serve up to be the most effective branding and packaging gadget for your products and brand.