Double Wall Frame Tray Lid

Double Wall Frame Tray Lid boxes provides the best solution for a protective packaging. These boxes provide required protection to your expensive, valuable, fragile and heavier products. We guarantee the usage of high-quality materials including Kraft paper, paperboard and cardboard that form two separate layers of walls separated in equal gaps and the functional closing lid can keep your products housed inside for as long as you get them out yourself. Corrugated or cardboard materials are available with exceptional surface finish options and attractive printing to make your products jump right off the retail store or supermarket shelves and into the shopping list of your customers.

Why Choose Us?

We, at Wholesale Product Boxes produce top quality safe and secure packaging for your heavy or light fragile products with our custom Display Wall Frame Tray Lid boxes providing you highest value for money experience along with high-end customizations to provide you the best print design on these boxes. We also support bulk offers including free delivery, free printing and free cutting die equipment as well.


Double Wall Frame Tray Lid Boxes are similar to those Double Wall Tray with an additional cover lid that can be used whenever required. The added safety of the double walled packaging box through the durable top lid makes it perfect for heavy valuable products. These boxes are suitable for products that range from different weights and sizes. The have the ability to present your products to your customers in efficient beautiful ways providing your brand shelf advertisement to boost business as well.