Double Wall Display Lid

Double Wall Display Lid boxes offer numerous marketing opportunities for various products from different types of industries to increase their sales. These boxes from Air Max Boxes will give your products the right exposure they need to excel in a highly competitive market. New brands can also be launched with these boxes successfully. Double Wall Display Lid boxes provide a cost-efficient way to display your showcase-ready products with a large foldable lid attached to the box. These boxes offer a best solution for Point-of-Purchase unit displays. There are many other ways of using Double Wall Display Lid boxes for multiple purposes; for carrying the product from one place to another, to enclose products on display for customers at store shelves and using the custom-made double sidewalls and the large top cover lid as a marketing item for your product. This can boost your products popularity remarkably. These boxes are created with top-quality materials ensuring the safety of the enclosed products. These boxes are well known to initiate sales based on urge since they display the products so beautifully that the customers are at times compelled to buy the product displayed in these boxes even if they do not necessarily need or require it.


Double Wall Display Lid Boxes are the most functional specially made for fast marketing of your product. They are capable of housing more than one product with ease as they consist of only two side walls and a large to cover lid which makes them much more spacious. The top lid can also be folded and tucked back whenever required making the box easy to use.