Display Box Auto Bottom

These Display Box Auto Bottom are very useful for slightly heavier items that needs extra strength. The reliable and easy auto bottom feature makes them secure from the bottom and easy to assemble. These highly durable packaging boxes are manufactured from highest quality and non-bendable materials. We deliver the quality boxes for your products by ensuring to use high-end materials that are processed on state of the art equipment giving them all the required durability and reliability your retail-ready products require. You can also have them customized according to your desires in materials, printing, die cut shapes and designs or surface options that makes them suit your products perfectly. When you order in bulk, we offer cheapest wholesale rates along with free delivery, free printing and free cutting die equipment as well.


Display Box Auto Bottom is one of the most reliable display box, ideal for the products which are ready to be showcased. As their name suggests, these boxes have a functional auto bottom feature that makes them a charm to assemble. The back wall of the box is slightly raised providing adequate support and making the products that are housed in the box secure.