Dispenser boxes provide lots of benefits, they are in tower shape, holding small to medium size products in huge quantity at the same time. To avoid the deformation of the boxes, we use tough cardboard material to ensure that box maintains its stiffness and sturdiness. The removed from the bottom feature of these boxes makes them convenient for many small items that need to be stored in a stack such as; chocolates, candies etc.


These boxes stand out with their bottom oriented convenient opening feature that makes sliding products out very easy and the full open top sides make storing products convenient as well. Our up-to-date cutting die equipment ensures that machine made accurate cut outs for the bottom placed dispensing openings ensuring smooth sliding out of your small sized products. With many customization options, Air Max Boxes offers these boxes at the best wholesale rates. You can store your delicate and fragile products and they will be fully protected in these Dispenser boxes. They can give a remarkable value to your products, placed on retail shelves or counter tops.

Why Choose Our Dispense Boxes?

Air Max Boxes always provide their clients growth opportunities with highest quality and yet cheapest wholesale rates. We make sure to provide high-quality features and attractive offers when the order is in bulk, it include free cutting die equipment, free printing plates and free shipping.