Custom Kraft Boxes

Kraft paper is a material which is quite common in the packaging industry. In fact, it is the most utilized material because of its flexibility, strength and environment friendly nature. Since we are very concerned with the environment and the hazards related to garbage, we provide you Kraft boxes using 100% recycled material. Although the basic color of these boxes is brown, but we can change and print it with whatever design you like using the latest full color cmyk printing technology. We can also bleach out the brown completely, giving you stunning and captivating colors along with the trade mark feel of the Kraft paper intact. Custom Kraft boxes are available using high quality materials at economical prices.



Presently, our planet is under extreme pressure of collapsing from the hazardous waste material we are developing each day. For this reason, we must call for action and switch to bio-degradable sources of packaging. Custom made Kraft boxes are not only useful in solving this problem but they can also be helpful in increasing your business sales. Made from pine-wood pulp, these boxes can be recycled for use later on. The way they can increase your sales is by printing them with your company specific artwork and details. This is quite obvious, but many people avoid this essential detail because of the cost attached. However, Customize Boxes provides you the most reasonable price quotes and most of the time we give out huge discounts for occasions like Christmas, New Year, corporate meeting, etc.

Uses of Kraft boxes

Kraft boxes are being used in almost every industry which produces consumer products like soaps, cakes, fresh baked items because these boxes are remarkable in resisting moisture, high atmospheric temperatures, and other external factors. All of the qualities like moisture, taste, and shape of the product placed in these boxes remain intact since we create them with precise measurements. Kraft boxes can also be used as jewelry boxes, soap boxes, cosmetic items candle boxes.

Why choose us

Staying in the industry for more than a decade requires determination, devotion and most of all elasticity. Customize Boxes has reinvented itself several times, only to bring you better than before quality in custom Kraft boxes and designs. Propelling the business forward with its state of the art printing and designing facilities, Company has differentiated itself with the help of its supportive customers. We believe in ‘easy on the wallet’ price quotes and strongly regulate quality assurance in our firm. You can take full confidence in our skills – we are anxiously awaiting your call.