Custom Favor Boxes

Due to the fact that ocular attraction plays a vital role in sending the right message, Customize Boxes delivers you the most spectacular designs that will fascinate your guests. Custom Favor boxes will most certainly leave a solid impression and become an extension of your most true feelings and expressions of gratitude.


Trust is what we build

Customization possibilities are boundless when you desire to make a design for your packaging with us. We believe in the point that the realization of design or concept is always possible and is limited only to what the mind can conceive. Companies out there do boast about how best they are in the field of packaging, but to be honest many of the firms out there are rookies who would waste your time by experimenting with your orders, just to get know-how of the business. We are not denying that we once were at this stage, however, we have gone past such prerequisites and have polished our ways over the years of experience. So, you can be completely assured that you are dealing with veterans in the field of packaging. We know the market trends inside and out. Also, no flowery or glittery words will convey the absolute truth, so in light of that, we advise you to take us to spin and know the difference between what we offer and what others present.

State of the art printing facility

In this day and age of powerful computer control technology, The Custom Package has not left itself out of the modern revolution. We have revamped our workshop and established an advanced computer controlled printing and cutting facility. This has resulted in the most stunning and precise final products that leave our customers, awe-struck.

Design possibilities are thus endless and we invite you to get your boxes made, exclusively for your product, giving them a unique look. Our design team will help to improvise your selected designs for custom favor boxes absolutely free of charge.

Wholesale rates

Combined with the lowest market rates and fastest turnaround time, Customize Boxes offers you a memorable experience. One that will make you one of our recurring customers. This is a promise that we must deliver. So let us know about your packaging needs and we will surely cater it to our fullest ability.