Brochure Display Holder

If you want to promote and advertise your specific offers or products extraordinarily then these Boucher Display Holders are a perfect choice. You can get your brand visibility enhanced directly from the counter tops by displaying your offers in these holder units. The brochures can be housed in any desired position according to their size and dimensions. These holders can provide a remarkable brand promotion slot if embellished with customized and attractive designs imprinted on their surface. We, at Air Max Boxes provide various attractive printing options, you can choose high-grade cardboard, bux board, paperboard, Kraft paper or any cardstock material in any thicknesses and grades. Widest range of surface finish options are available as well, you can have any from the posh gloss, elegant matte or spot UV surface finish options for you.

Why Choose Us?

If you are a product manufacturer from any industry, the elegant display holders for your brochures from Air Max Boxes can offers highest quality countertop advertisement and same goes for all the restaurants, food joints, retail stores or business offices with their receptions and higher level management tables. We also offer free shipping and free printing plates on bulk orders.


Brochure Display Holder units are very functional and can be used to display different brochures in offices, supermarkets, retail stores, and restaurants or food points for effective product or brand promotion. These holders can be used to display differently sized brochures and you can place them in a position that makes them convenient to be picked up by the visitors. Different customizations in materials, colors or printing designs can be used as per the requirement of the company.