Glass Carrier

Glass Carrier Boxes are very convenient for the items that need to be handled with extra care. Especially when they are going to be shipped or going in for retail purposes in the market. Air Max Boxes takes pride in manufacturing the best Glass Carrier providing extra security with the rigidness and sturdiness.


Air Max Boxes have the most advanced technology for precise cutting that ensures accurate sizes for all types of products that are to be packaged in the glass carrier boxes. Glass carriers are used on a large scale for crockery items along with pharmaceutical products; Medicine or syrup bottles lab testing glass tubes that require very small sized precise holes for the glass containers and cannot afford to move around and other bottled products like beverages, multi packaging perfumes, cooking sauces or some other retail products require bigger and durable carrier boxes that can display the products with their brand names visible from the open tops and all the protection for the bottom bit. We deliver all of these and more with the most efficient designs that makes the transport of the products much safer.

Air Max Boxes is the most suitable provider for all of your delicate products. Not only we offer our wholesale prices cheapest in the market, but we also offer bulk orders specials like free delivery all and no added costs for the printing plates and cutting die equipment as well. We believe in business relations, and that is what we hope to get from our clients.

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