Double Glue Side Wall

As their name suggests, Double Glue Side Wall are one of the best and accurate packaging solution to a number of retail products ensuring their safety. Having double glued wall the box is makes the products enclosed safer whenever they are moved resisting any kind of slip over. Air Max Boxes provides you some of the sturdiest Custom Double Glue Side Wall boxes customized to perfection for your specific products highlighting your brand and product names efficiently while keeping them safe and sound.


Many firms use custom packaging boxes to leave a lasting impression on the customers. If you want to transform the look of your retail products, then packaging them in customized Double Glue Side Wall will not only enhance your brand visibility but also the double glued wall of the box will protect your products from any kind of damage. Designing of custom sleeve boxes is a tough job that requires professional skills. Hence, choosing the right packaging company is one of the most crucial decision that one has to make. Wholesale Product Boxes is exclusively offering attractive and attention seeking customized sleeve boxes that are made from high quality cardboard material.

If you want to pay cheapest wholesale prices for highest quality Double Glue Side Wall packaging that can offer supreme protection and attractive shelf advertisement to your retail products, Air Max Boxes is your top choice. We also deliver your packaging fast and free on wholesale orders and add not costs for the printing plates or cutting die equipment to your invoices.

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