Box with Hanging and Locking

Our Boxes with Hanging and Locking Tabs are very beneficial for the products that are displayed in a bulk quantity in retail stores such as tech products, stationary, food items etc. These boxes comes along with an elevated top hanging tab that makes it distinguish from simple boxes. By using these boxes, you can display your products in a shop by hanging them at different places.



Our Boxes with Hanging and Locking Tabs are just perfect when you need to promote your products and brand name as these boxes comes with a hanging option yielding a unique way of promotion. You can easily display your products at different sites in a market place which gives a remarkable brand visibility. We are providing the most spacious boxes for your fancy products engaging your potential buyers efficiently boosting your business growth in the long run. Available in various custom sizes and shapes, we can also do any desired printing on these boxes for you.

You can have the opportunity to choose from our variety of durable card stock options such as cardboard, paperboard or eco-friendly Kraft paper. We offer free shipping and die cut printing for the bulk orders.

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